What if God was actually calling us to more than church attendance, more than Bible studies, and more than a couple of hours each week devoted to Him? What if God is actually calling the body of Christ to devote their entire lives to loving Him and loving others? What if a church was structured in a way to release God’s people out into the community to incarnate the Gospel in everyday life?

God is on a mission to reconcile all things back to Himself in perfect relationship through Jesus Christ, and in John 20:21 Jesus says, “As the Father has sent me, I also send you.” God has chosen to advance His mission through the Church and every follower of Jesus Christ has been commissioned by God to join with Him in this mission.

Pastor Jeff began to wrestle with these questions and in the midst of this wrestling God called him to plant Westside Community Church. We believe that the Biblical model of discipleship actually looks more like an apprenticeship where we lead people to fall in love with Jesus Christ and in turn walk together and teach each other what it means to live like Christ, love like Christ, and to serve like Christ. Our entire discipleship philosophy is centered around equipping people for the purpose of being sent.