What is discipleship? Broadly stated, discipleship is the process of following Christ with our entire lives. It is learning to live, love, and serve the world as Jesus did, with purpose and mission. As we look through Scripture and study Jesus’ process of discipleship, it actually more closely resembles our modern process of apprenticeship. Jesus was teaching and equipping his disciples to carry on his mission on earth after he was gone. For this reason, our entire discipleship philosophy is centered around equipping people for the purpose of being sent. The primary means for this is our Missional Communities.

What is a Missional Community? A Missional Community is a gathering of people ranging in size from about 8 – 20 who gather weekly around the primary focus of mission. Each Missional Community worships together, studies the Bible together, hangs out together, prays together, and holds one another accountable. It is our love for Christ and our growth in relationship with Him that further compels us to serve. The focus of our Missional Communities is to make reproducing disciples of Christ who will live out the mission of Jesus in their neighborhoods, communities, and world! This is true Biblical discipleship.

We currently have one Missional Community that meets in a home in the Waterbury subdivision in North Ridgeville on Friday evenings. If you would like more information, or would like to check us out please visit our Contact Us page. We’d love to connect with you!